Feature & Benefits

Turn-Key There is nothing for you to do except invite people to pin your OneTap quick-launch icon to their smartphones. We handle every aspect of getting your OneTap online.
Brandable Your OneTap is branded to you and nobody else. It's about your business and helping people to remember who you are.
Customizable We will add content pages to your OneTap upon request. We will also modify button, icons, colors, and images associated with your OneTap as you need.
Managed Hosting Your OneTap is hosted at MyOneTap.us and managed by our team. You never have to worry about uploading and managing your OneTap on a separate domain.
Frameable Your OneTap can be iframed within your own domain name or website. It is still hosted on our MyOneTap.us domain, and we still manage it for you. However, you can use your own domain name for branding purposes or frame it into your existing website.
Advertising-Free We never run ads of any kind through your OneTap, so you never have to worry about us promoting your competitors.
Editable Your OneTap account provides you with some editing capabilities for personal pages. This allows you to change content on certain editable pages any time you want.
Shareable Your OneTap portal includes integrated social media sharing tools that any visitor can use to share it on their favorite social networks or through text messaging (if using their mobile device).