Frequently-Asked Questions

"Do I need to know any HTML?"

Not necessarily. Your OneTap account allows you to edit certain content pages using an integrated content editor which works like a word processor. However, you can edit the HTML of your content from the Source view if you choose to.

"Do I have to buy a domain name or get a hosting account?"

No. Your OneTap is hosted at with a unique web address. However, you may choose to purchase your own domain name and iframe your OneTap in it.

"Can I frame my OneTap in my own existing website on a new page?"

Yes. We can provide you with iframe code (HTML) for you to insert to have your OneTap appear in your own website.

"How much money do I have to commit?"

You pay only $129 for the initial account set-up and customization, then just $19 per month for hosting, maintenance, and technical support. Additional fees (though nominal) will apply if you require editing and customization.

"How much time do I have to commit to using my OneTap?"

You don't have a specific "time commitment", per se. However, we do encourage you to make an effort to share your OneTap on social networks and with everyone you meet.

"How do I attract visitors and users?"

Share your OneTap on your existing social networks. Share it with people you meet. We will provide you with text that you can insert into your social media feeds to help you out. Your OneTap account also comes with a Share Cards template that you can print to business card blanks (or have them printed at a quick-copy center).