About MyOneTap

Who We Are

OneTap was founded by Robert Humphries, a twenty-year veteran of the marketing and advertising industry. With the help of an angel investment group, OneTap was developed to assist business professionals with localized marketing and lead-generation.

Our Goal

Nearly everyone you do business with is using a smartphone. They carry it everywhere. Those same people (and their smartphones) are some of your best "word of mouth" marketing resources. What they've been missing is a simple, no-fuss, efficient way to order from you, send referrals to you, and do business with you. Our mantra is this: IF YOU MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU, THEY WILL SEND MORE BUSINESS TO YOU. Period.

We provide you with a simple set of features through your OneTap Business Portal that allows others to "pin" your OneTap quick-launch icon to their mobile device homescreens so that they can buy from you, or refer business to you, with just "one tap". See how simple that is?

Not An "App"

Your OneTap account looks like, and functions like, a traditional smartphone app without actually being an app. OneTap is web-based just like any other website. That means it even works on PCs, laptops, and any machine or device that can access the Internet. There is nothing for your users to install, download, or update. OneTap works inside of an application that every smartphone, tablet and PC already has installed on them - a browser. Web browsers are apps. Since your OneTap is delivered to people through the browser they already have, everyone with an Internet-connect device can access and use it.

Build Your Network

You can invite other local businesses to register for their OneTap account and join your mutual OneTap Network for your local area. Once they do, they will inherently promote your company every time they share their OneTap Business Portal. You will do the same for them when you share yours. Think about that - dozens of business inherently promoting each other to their respective markets by simply using OneTap. Now, that's POWERFUL marketing.