Whereas a traditional website is designed to promote your company's products and services, your OneTap Business Portal is design solely and exclusively for them to transact business with you. It only contains the most-relevant actionable features that are designed to generate leads, referrals, and sales.


Every business has slightly different marketing-communications needs. You OneTap Business Portal can be modified, upon request, to include or exclude communications channels based on your actionable goals with the people you meet and know. We also customize the colors of your OneTap to align with your identity.


At only $129 for set-up plus $19 per month for your OneTap subscription, your OneTap Business Portal will likely become one of them most inexpensive, ad-free business communication tools you will ever use. People can use and share your OneTap Business Portal for free, too. And who doesn't like "free"?


Imagine having a dozen other OneTap users inherently promoting your business with their customers every time they share their OneTap Business Portal. In return, you promote their businesses when you share your OneTap Business Portal, too. As your mutual network grows, so does you potential for more leads and sales.

Featured OneTap Portals

Angie Lynch, REALTOR®

OneTap built for Angie Lynch of MyHomeGroup in Scottsdale, AZ.

Absolute Home Inspection Services

OneTap built for Randy Beck of Absolute Home Inspection Services in Greensboro, NC.

Ansbro Electric, Inc.

OneTap built for Frank Ansbro of Ansbro Electric, Inc. in Corono, CA.

Farmers Insurance

OneTap built for Fred Amin of Farmers Insurance in Orange, CA.

Full House Inspection Services

OneTap built for Stephen Cancler of Full House Inspection Services in Seattle, WA.

Habben's Home Inspections

OneTap built for Larry Habben of Habben's Home Inspections in Orange, CA.